Challenge with a smile!

What should we bring on the tours? Is there anything we should not wear or bring with?


We provide helmets, full bodied rain coat. Just yourself with a smile is enough.

About clothes, Saigon is always hot, You should wear comfortable clothes and good shoes, however for women, we don’t recommend wearing dresses or skirts as it can be uncomfortable while riding on the scooter. For the “Walk” tours is ok.

Besides, just incase of snatching, please leave easily stolen jewelry at your hotel.

Are your tours suitable for kids / senior citizen?


Of course yes, we design our tours to be suitable for guests of all ages. And as our experience, children love our tours! We have not seen any child who has ever disappointed on any of our tours.

Whether you’re 7 or 70, our tours are great for all ages!

All of our scooter have backrests which make it not only comfortable, but also easy to hold onto. We also recommend our clients to hold onto driver’s shoulders.

So no worry!

Can we drive our own scooter or your scooter?


No. We understand that some of you might be drive well and would like to drive.

But it’s illegal to drive in Vietnam without a Vietnamese’s driving licence.

International driving licences are not recognized by Vietnamese’s government. We also do not recommend anyone not familiar with local traffic patterns and rules to drive here.

We are excellent in driving anyway, just be our King and enjoy!

What if I have food allergies/ restriction?


If given prior notice, we can adjust the dishes on our tours to accommodate almost any food restriction, so please just let’s us know about your food allergies (seafood, gluten/ nut/ shellfish allergies, …) at the time you book our tour, so that we can prepare alternative options.

Even if you are vegetarian. Tell us, we will design for you vegetarian tour. Or we will prepare vegetarian food for you specially if you go in normal tour.

Is there a minimum number of people we need to book a tour?


Absolutely nope!

If you’re travelling alone, don’t be shy to book our tour.

What does the Yummy Tours price include?


Our Yummy Tours included:

– English speaking tour guide

– Motorbike/car

– All food and drinks.


What if I want to cancel or reschedule my tour? Do I get a refund?


If you’d like to cancel your tour, please contact us via phone or email more than 24 hours in advance. For that we can notify our team. The extra charge will be 20%. If we’ve been noticed on the day you have tour, before the tour less than 24 hours, the charge will be 30%.

If you’d like to reschedule your tour, please also let us know more than 24 hours in advance. We don’t charge extra for rescheduling, but letting us know soon is the best so that we can arrange our team for you.

We understand that some circumstances make it difficult to give cancellation notice. If you must cancel in the last minute, please contact us via phone and we will discuss refunds depending on the situation.

What happend if it rain before/during the tours?


Before the tour starting, if it rain heavily, we will delay the start time by 30 minutes, if it still raining heavily after the delay time, we will reschedule or cancel the tour (100% refund).  If it not raining heavily and we feel that the street condition is safe for the tour, we will continue the tour as planed. We also provide high quality rain coat for you.

During the tour, if it start to rain heavily that we must cancel, we will take taxi to get you back to your hotel safety, you will only need to pay for the time you joined the tour and food you ate.