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⌚ Duration: 8 hours  ( 8:00am – 04:00pm)   ☑  Price: 85USD / pax   ✄  70USD / kid 8 – 13 years   ✄  10 / kids under 8

Exploring the HEART of Saigon and learn about history, culture, cuisine, on bike

Our Yummy on Bike goal is to provide you fun and delicious food tasting, distinctive history and culture by exploring the heritage site, bustle local market. Enjoying local atmosphere while tasting Saigon abundance foods. 

How about sitting on the back of the bike in Saigon crazy traffic, your driver will be your history and culture teller. Let’s us help you discover much insights to local foods and life than just feel by the eyes.

Join this, we will show you off the best local foods from offbeat streets stalls where locals love to eat, with wonderful flavors. 

Our Yummy on Bike Tour will be started at 5:30pm and finish at 10:00pm.

We will visit 5 stops and enjoy more than 10 dishes, dessert and one sight seeing stop to refresh the food.

At first, we will welcome you at your hotel, introduce you how to stay safe on the bike in Saigon traffic. Whenever you get ready, we will head straight to the first stop:

First stop: Steamed rice cake from Hue, Cao lau Hoi An noodle, Quang style noodle with frog / jellyfish/.. ,

At the first stop, we will try foods from the central of Vietnam in a warm local restaurant.

Second stop: Vietnamese pancake and spring rolls. This stop will not serve the normal pancake you might see from others’s review. Here we will try “Banh xeo cu hu dua” from Can Tho city, West Vietnam. The abundant vegetable and mixture of sauce will satisfy your adventure soul.

 Third stop: colorful star bridge for sight seeing. If you wonder where will local couples hang out at night, this tour will help you answer. “Cau Anh Sao – Star Bridge” in Korean town – District 7 is famous with it’s colorful lights and cool atmosphere, there are hundreds of teenager choose this wonderful place to spend there night relaxing. I believe that you will also like it.

Fourth stop: Yummy seafood.

A bottle of beer here will also help your night become perfect.

Last stop: dessert, sweet soup (Che) / coconut ice cream with colorful sticky rice (Kem xoi dua)

This is a bike tour, but if Saigon traffic is not ok to you, we can also go by grab car.

Price for motorbike tour:  $60USD / pax  

Taxi:  ①pax: $70      ②pax: $124      ③pax: $168       ④pax: $217 

Price included:

– All foods.

– All drinks.

– English speaking tour guide.

– Bike, raincoat if needed.

– Face mask.


 What to wear?

Comfortable shoes and clothing is recommended.

 Food Allergies/Vegetarians:

We provide a mix of food, being a vegetarian or if you have any food allergy is no problem at all, we can flexible cater to your needs and make sure you will have happy belly after finishing the tour. And local vegetarian foods is also amazing.

 Food types for special diet consideration:

Pork, beef, shrimp, frog, jellyfish, seafood, vegetable, ice-cream.

 Please let us be noticed about food you cant eat at booking time, and for vegetarians, can you eat dairy products? ❞

Hope to see you soon!

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